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Electronic commerce commonly known as e-commerce helps businesses to sell & promote products or services to get real customers without limiting themselves to physical boundaries. Abalone Technologies run by a talented team of eCommerce specialists, provides technical assistance for leading eCommerce solutions like Magento, Prestashop and OS-Commerce. Whether it is highly creative web design, online orders maintenance, online administration panels, all can be assisted under one umbrella to ease your adaptation to leading e-commerce solutions.

Magento is the undoubtedly the best option for an e-commerce websites. If you have not yet tried Magento and feel stuck with functional limitations of your current eCommerce platform, then it is right time to try Magento and
relish its benefits.

  • themes

  • Themes

    Integration and customisation of various out-of-the-box themes provided by Magento. Deployment of your own theme, based on customer requirement, product portfolio, and also can use your PSD and convert it to Magneto theme
    suitable for you website.

    All website design will be mobile-responsive design, displaying beautifully across all screens, from desktop computers to smartphones to tablet devices.

  • shopping-cart

  • Shopping Cart Transactions

    Almost everyone must have visited a website to buy products online. Online payment option is making its presence as the best and fastest method for paying. Shopping Cart Transactions inducts the same with a niche for all the customers who love to shop.

  • seo-services

  • SEO Services

    The most important aspects of E-Commerce Solutions for which it is used widely is SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines.

  • Payment-Gateway

  • Payment Gateway Processing

    E-Commerce Solutions simply means money transfer and transactions. This can enhance the working genre of your website in all dimensions. Bringing the liquid money in actual terms makes it a better place to make your business flow and convenient paying us for clients.

Mobile Extension

Sales of your online store will increase with mobile application, this has been already proven by leaders of the e-commerce market. We at Abalone provides slick looking, descriptive, secure mobile extension of your online store View More..