Apple Watch

  • Our designers and developers are already researching on the possibilities of creating innovative apps and waiting for the release of watchKit. We have started studying the various aspects of the watchkit and the possibilities with its numerous features. Apple has announced release of WatchKit in early 2015. Ours team are getting ready for it. The WatchKit collection of development tools and APIs intend to make Apple Watch device a new platform for developers. Developers can start building fully functional native apps specifically designed for Apple watch.

    Using WatchKit, developers will be able to incorporate ‘Glances’ capability into apps. This enables users to swipe the face of the watch and be able to check for news, travel, and other information. WatchKit will allow developers to create apps by which the user can respond directly from their wrist.

    Apple even plan on some exciting features like converting your watch to a room hey that will let you enter your room, just by waving your Watch near the door. Watchkits does not limit the development to simple pop up messages. You can find where your car is and when it is time to fuel it. Apple is trying to change the way you interact with everyday activities. Possibilities for interactions are endless in situations like a boarding a plane, waiting for a train or travelling.