Android TV Applications

  • Android TV is a television or a set-top-box connected to the Internet and allowing launch of applications. Android TV is sometimes called Connected TV or Hybrid TV.

    Just like App Store and Google Play contain millions of applications, this trend is also expected for Android TVs due to the fact that Android TV will be a center of each home.

    So what is Android TV? Many people confuse it with Google TV, a defunct platform released in 2010. It was developed by Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech, but it never gained traction. It was officially replaced by Android TV in mid-2014, and this new platform is a lot more exciting for consumers and developers alike.

    Unlike Google TV, Android TV is much closer to standard Android. It runs Android 5.0 (at least in the initial launch version) and can be used on new TVs, as well as on standalone devices. This is good news since Android TV will end up on inexpensive Android TV boxes and sticks, bringing the same user experience to millions of old TVs. In fact, the first device to feature Android TV is not a TV at all, it is Google’s Nexus Player. This also addresses one of the biggest complaints levied against various smart TV platforms in the past: lack of consistency. Android TV should bring a nearly identical user experience to all compatible devices.