Android Tablet Application Development

  • Today, the Android Tablet is becoming more popular with more consumers purchasing the android tablet due to the many advantages the android offers. Android is an open-source operating system for phones and tablets. Android tablets are lightweight, very portable, and have a big touch screen display which makes viewing easy. They are so light because they only contain the components required for media consumption such as for listening, watching, and surfing the net. So, Abalone Technologies is not only focus the Android mobile application Development but also to the Android Tablet Application Development.

    The launch of Android all versions redefined the use of Android tablets and increased their popularity as it was the first tablet-only Android update. The release of this OS completely changed the market scenario for Android tablets, and with the launch of ICS and Jelly Bean, the Android tablet market has grown leaps and bounds. It offers limitless possibilities to all those Android tablet users who want to maximize their profit via applications.

    For this, you would require experts, and we have the experts who can furnish you with prolific, scalable applications. With the help of our services for Android tablet apps development, you can go a step further by providing your users with applications that optimize overall user experience by:

    • Presenting them with multiple sets of information.
    • Leveraging the potential of the larger screen of tablets.
    • Offering useful functionalities.

Our Live Projects

  • Sewa International

    Sewa International is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization inspired by the noble Hindu tradition of service before self, working for promoting voluntarism internationally especially among children, youth, women and energetic senior citizens; building an international network of not-for-profit organizations; promoting philanthropy from the grassroots level to corporate sector; providing relief to the affected during calamities, natural and /or man-made, and rehabilitating them; building capacity of the non-profit organizations towards achieving results, empowering communities and individuals through sustained support; funding committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts; supporting efforts that promote cultural and moral value systems in the society; and aiming to see happiness and well-being in everyone, everywhere and at all times.

    Its mobile application features are as follows:
    a) Allows users to access information about services of sewa international in online/offline mode.
    b) Allows users to donate for a cause to the organisation.
    c) Allows users to provide their comments/feedback on the services of the organisation.
    d) Allows users to visit facebook, twitter and you-tube channels of the organisation directly and with ease.

  • Periphery

    Periphery is a navigation tool meant for Android Mobiles and Android Watches, designed for helping users to locate nearby places like ATM, Banks, Restaurant, Cafe, Educational institutes, Hospitals, Hotels, Bus Stop, Taxi stand, Beauty saloon, Laundry, Bar/Liquor store, Electronics store, Home goods and many more…. On the top of it, it also allows user to search by text in mobile and voice in wear.

    Its mobile application features are as follows:
    a) Periphery when paired with Android watch(wear) provides navigation details on the wear itself.
    b) Periphery locates your phone with GPS and then provides you with the top searches in your vicinity so that you can find where you need to go.
    c) Periphery keeps your search history so that you can use them as many times as you want.
    d) Get directions with Map with estimated time and distance.
    e) Get directions with Map with estimated time and distance.
    f) Get directions with Map with estimated time and distance.
    g) Voice Commands for searching places in wear.
    h) Settings your vicinity radius according to your need.
    i) Google Map is integrated part of Periphery and hence ease to use.